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What to Expect

Justin R. Boland is a skilled trial lawyer who limits his practice to advocating for those injured by the negligence of others.

There is no cost to you unless we win.

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We Defend You: We listen, We Know the System, We Fight for You


We Help You From the Start

You, or someone you know, is hurt. Your insurance company, or the other guy's, is blocking you from getting your injuries resolved. They are not cooperating. In fact, they are fighting you every step of the way. 
The last thing you want to do is look for a lawyer.  You know you need one because the injuries are severe, or the insurance company you have been dealing with isn't taking what happened seriously. We will work for you – now. Let's get this resolved.

We Care About Getting You Back on Top of Your Game

The decision you make on who should represent you and your family is a tremendously important one. You should be represented by a lawyer you trust, and who is skilled enough to make sure you get the best possible outcome. That means that the lawyer must substantively know the law, but also know how insurance companies work.  Your case is personal to you, but not to the insurance company. To them, your case is just a number and they will deploy every possible tactic to low-ball you or brush you off.
We Have Extensive Trial and Settlement Experience

The lawyer who represents you should have significant trial experience and be comfortable in a courtroom in the event that a satisfactory settlement isn't reached.  We have argued more than 45 cases to juries with consistently winning results.


Big Advertising Budgets Don't Equal Results


We Put Our Resources on Your Case, Not on T.V.

When you start looking for a lawyer, you'll quickly notice that there are two types of law firms: those that spend massive amounts of money on advertising, and those who ignore marketing and concentrate on your case. The goal of the firms that advertise on TV at all hours is to saturate the airwaves and get as many cases as they can. However, in doing so, they create huge advertising costs that demands that all of their cases settle as quickly as possible. Unfortunately for their clients, that means that their cases get settled as cheaply as possible. 
We Specialize Only in Helping Those Who Have Been Negligently or Intentionally Injured by Others

We are different because we are selective about the cases we take, and then invest time and money into preparing each and every case as though it could go to trial. While we prepare each case as though it will go to trial, we also explore settlements short of trial if they make sense for the needs of your case. We are streamlined, leveraging technology to our clients' benefit by keeping costs low.  This passes value on to clients and means more money in their pockets.  
We Work with Clients Throughout Washington State 
Though we are located in the North Seattle area and primarily practice in King, Snohomish, Whatcom and Pierce counties, we are happy to take your case no matter where in Washington you reside.


Big Firms' Focus Isn't Always on You – Ours Is


We Prepare the Right Approach for You and Your Particular Circumstances
Our first contact will be likely be a phone call.  We'll talk about your case, and then set up a time to meet in person. Clients generally meet me in my office in North Seattle, but I'm happy to meet at a coffee shop near you, or at your house. Since many of my clients are still dealing with significant injuries, they appreciate meeting somewhere comfortable and minimizing their travel. 

We Get the Right Details on Whoever Was Negligent in Your Case

Wherever we meet, it will be helpful for you to bring any documents related to your case with you. Records and photos are both helpful to better understand exactly what happened, and to identify all of the relevant parties who may be defendants. 

We Get the Settlement or Case Win You Deserve

We'll discuss the best way to approach your case, what venue makes sense for filing suit, and the best way for the case to proceed all so that you and your family can get the recovery you are entitled to.  Once we have taken on representation, we pride ourselves on keeping in good contact with our clients to let them know how their case is progressing.  


No Attorney Fees Unless We Win Your Settlement or Case


The Cost of Attorney Fees is Always a Major Concern for Anyone Who Has Been injured
They know they need a lawyers help, but they are often afraid that they can't afford to pay for representation. This is especially true when you have been the victim of a car collision or any other accident, and have not been able to work, or have worked less than you normally do. 
At the Law Offices of Justin R. Boland, our firm works on a contingency fee basis. That means that you do not owe or pay any attorney's fees unless we make a recovery for you.  

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